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Smart grid is controlled by an authority personnel who uses LAN or the internet to control it. By knowing this information any one from outside can control the smart grid using LAN or the internet. This process of hacking the smart grid control is known as aurora attack. The Aurora attack may pose a risk to rotating machinery operating under certain conditions on the electrical grid. The Aurora attack involves opening and closing one or more circuit breakers, resulting in an out-of-synchronism condition that may damage rotating equipment connected to the power grid.

This paper focuses on the Aurora attack on a synchronous generator and the existing technology available to mitigate the attack. The root cause of the vulnerability is breakdown in security. The first level prevents the attack with sound security practices. The second level protects the equipment in the event that the security level is compromised. The equipment can be protected using wide-area synchronized phasor measurement and protection system and security considerations.


Aurora attack Rotating Machinery Out of synchronism Synchronized Phasor Measurement Unit.

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Thangarathinam, P., Suganya, N., Praddeep, T., & Vignesh, S. (2015). Synchrophasor Technology for Cyber Security in Smart Grid. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 3(7), 436-439.


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