An erratum will be used if an important error has been introduced during the production of the journal article (one that affects the publication record, the scientific integrity of the paper, the reputation of the authors or of the journal), including errors of omission such as failure to make factual proof corrections requested by authors within the deadline provided by the journal and within journal policy.
We do not publish errata for typing errors except where an apparently simple error is significant (for example, an incorrect unit). A significant error in a figure or table is corrected by the publication of a new corrected figure or table as an erratum. The figure or table is republished only if the editor considers it necessary.
Copyright Violation Claims
Any claims of copyright infringement should be addressed to the Editor at bearing the subject line "Copyright Violation".
The claim must be supported by documented evidence supporting the same version as being published or copyrighted or PATENTED by the aggrieved party before the date of publication of the concerned GIAP article. On receipt of the claim, the GIAP Board, if found necessary, shall inform the author to provide an explanation; the discussion of which shall be transparent to both parties.
The GIAP Board reserves the sole rights to decide the validity of any such claims. After deliberation, if the claim is found justified, the concerned manuscript will be removed from all GIAP Journals archives and servers. In case, the changes required are minimal such as the inclusion of references, the authors will be intimated to do the required amendments according to the GIAP article correction policies. The alternative version shall undergo peer-review as any other general submission and shall be published in the same issue(number) of the concerned volume.
Any claims on copyright will be addressed with the highest priority. A revert mail will be dispatched within 7 WORKING days provided the claim is supported with documented evidence.
Neither the editors nor the Editorial Board is responsible for authors‘ expressed opinions, views, and the contents of the published manuscripts in the journal.
The originality, proofreading of manuscripts and errors are the sole responsibility of the individual authors.
All manuscripts submitted for review and publication in the journal go under peer and editorial reviews for authenticity, ethical issues, and useful contributions.
Decisions of the reviewers are the only tool for publication in the journal and will be final.
Plagiarism Policy
GIAP journals have a zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism.
Authors are requested to check plagiarism at their end also to avoid any unpleasant situation. The maximum permissible similarity index is 10%.
Please respect the work of other researchers by proper quotation and citation in your article.
If any article is found plagiarized, it will neither be accepted in conference nor published in our journals.
If you find infringement of the copyright of your work in any work of GIAP Conferences and GIAP Journals, please inform us with proper evidence for corrective measures. Contact us immediately in case of plagiarism related queries.
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