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Lourdes Antoinette Shalini
Alamelu C


Feminism, society, prominence, status, liberation, Pink, interpretive methods for critical analysis


Purpose of the study: This work explores feminism as a conceptual framework for viewing society and its impact on women by analyzing the changes in women’s life and attitude through the film Pink.

Methodology: The study is descriptive research and is analyzed through the content and follows interpretive methods for critical analysis.

Main Findings: An amazing, valiant movie that spotlights on real young women who live genuine lives and manage thorny routine issues, which every young woman faces all over the world and relates with.

Applications of this study: The present work is interpreted in the light of feminist theory and criticism which has paved path for many solutions all over the world through not only writings but also by various means, in which films play a vital role where the struggles have been brought out in the screen so that women could relate themselves with the characters portrayed in the films which are not only imaginative; but the real face of many unknown women in the society.

Novelty/Originality of this study: The present work differs and deals with the co-existence that this society should abide by, be it a man or women both have equal roles in the society and through the lead actor this bold issue has been dealt in the film Pink.


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