Purpose: This paper aims to present a picture of the evolution, present condition and the prospect of Comparative Literature in the academic world of Assam by mainly giving example of the numerous works done on the discipline in Assam, the syllabus of Dibrugarh and Gauhati University and the research works and projects done in these respective universities.

Methodology: The research methods mainly used in this study are analytical and survey methods. The necessary materials are collected from library and used, with proper observation and analysis, to justify the proposed ideas.

Main Findings: This paper, with clear data, seems to cast light on the trajectory of Comparative Literature in Assam, especially of the present situation and with the observation of these data, an effort is made to get a view of its prospect.

Application: Besides getting acquainted with the evolution of the discipline of Comparative Literature in Assam, this paper seems to be beneficial in comprehending the required adaptation and changes for the discipline in the current situation.

Novelty/Originality: The significance of this paper lies in its effort to give a critical look at the discipline from its beginning to the present situation and most importantly, the discussion of the lacks and faults of its practice and   of various steps for the development of the discipline in the state will be very relevant and instrumental in the context of Assam.


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