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Julia J. Golubyatnikova
Vasily G. Zakrzewski
Victor M. Zakharov
Marina V. Vladyka
Vladimir M. Gerashenko


Risk, Risk Minimization Methods, Insurance, Insurance Mechanism, Risk Passport, Liquidity Loss Risk


Purpose: The article analyzes the state of domestic insurance in agricultural enterprises, which is a complex type of property insurance, subspecies of which are insurance of crops, animals, commodity aquaculture, real estate and income of agricultural producers.

Methodology: Generally accepted methods and techniques of economic research were used in the study process: monographic (in the process of studying risk management theoretical foundations), statistical and economic (when studying trends of AIC enterprise development and functioning), design-constructive (when justifying and calculating indicators of enterprise functioning), abstract and logical (when generalizing conceptual and methodological approaches in identifying, analyzing and assessing risks), comparative analysis (synthesis of native and foreign risk management experience), various risk assessment methodologies.

Result: The economic risk passport is understood as a set of information about the risk area, risk criteria, as well as for instructions on the application of the necessary methods to manage or minimize the risk. The article presented a liquidity loss risk passport with one of the measures to minimize it - self-insurance.

Applications: This research can be used for universities, teachers, and students.

Novelty/Originality: In this research, the model of Insurance as an Effective Mechanism to Minimize Risks at the Enterprise is presented in a comprehensive and complete manner.


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