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Mayada Z. Alkhafaji
Ansam Yaroub


Allusions, Eugenics, Genocide, Holocaust, Human lab rat, The Maze Runners


Purpose: This study aims to shed the light on allusions to real lab rats in Dashner’s trilogy: The Maze Runner (2009), The Scorch Trails (2010), and The Death Cure (2011).  It also aims to trace the historical documents and chronicles essential to reveal the justifications behind the vague political and scientific crimes. 

Methodology: The researchers have used the literary analytical approach to study and analyze selected prominent aspects from each novel; such as the concept of lab rats and genocide crimes in The Maze Runner; references to weather experiments, the climate change conspiracy, gas chambers, and the Holocaust in The Scorch Trails; and finally, the man-made diseases and biological weapons in The Death Cure.

Results: The outcomes confirm the necessity of knowing history whether bright or dark as a keyword to understand the present and predict the future. Also, Dashner has based The Maze Runners series on historical references as well as present-day vital scientific issues to predict a catastrophic future if a decision is not made. Young adult is chosen to lead the revolution against human abusing crimes and make a change.

Applications: To develop a high understanding of young adult fiction, the researchers recommend those who are interested in literature with the necessity to apply this study to other post-apocalyptic, survival, adventure, science and dystopian series fictions, movies adaptations of related books, and related video games series that addressing young adults’ mind in order to diagnose any dilemma .

Novelty/Originality: Hence, this study makes a difference in the sense of exposing the genocide crimes committed by the name of science embedded in Dashner's The Maze Runners series by tracing the historical, social, political, and scientific justifications regarding the concept of human lab rats as one of the worst human abusing experiences still used by tyrant regimes till now in ethnic and sectarian purification.


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