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Serik M. Abilov
Alexander A. Kaigorodtsev


University, management decision effectiveness, qualimetric methods, assessment, collaboration, index



Purpose: Management decision in the university is a process of convergent analysis, forecasting and timely resolution of problem situations, aimed at achieving synergetic results. The research studies the advantages and feasibility of using qualimetric methods for evaluating effectiveness of the university’s management decisions.

Methodology: Our proposal is to use the method, based on qualimetric analysis, in assessing the effectiveness of management decisions in the university. The theoretical propositions and the argumentation of the research findings have been grounded with the following general scientific methods system-thinking approach, structural and level-based, logical and economic-based, as well as statistical analysis.

Main Findings: The management decision effectiveness is based on the level of collaboration in decision-making. The degree of collaboration in decision-making is determined by the involvement of various stakeholders in the process. Index of timeliness of a management decision implementation is the ratio of standard time to the actual time spent. The decision is effective if the index value is equal to 1 or exceeds it. Decision efficiency is evaluated based on the quality of its implementation. The integrated indicator of decision-making effectiveness is a combination of values for all four parameters.    

Implications/Applications: The practical significance of the research predetermined by the fact that application of this methodology contributes to optimizing the interaction of organizational structures on the management synergy basis, and, as a result, to improving the quality of educational services provided by the university. Using the method of qualimetric analysis raises the level of personnel involvement in the process of managerial decision-making, objectivity and decisions quality.


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