Purpose: The article presents an analysis of the historical values and roles of the Kazan Virgin in the formation and development of the Russian state, the spiritual, moral and patriotic education of citizens and, above all, the younger generation of the country through the prism of the modern socio-cultural situation.

Methodology: The study implemented the principle of consistency, the principle of objectivity, the principle of the subject-subject approach.

Result: The Kazan Icon of Holy Virgin, the significance of which cannot be overestimated, is a very strong image that has protected the Russian land from foreign invaders from time immemorial. Not only ordinary people prayed to her, but also princes, kings. Particular emphasis is placed on the consideration of the educational component in the modern system of national education, the formation and development of appropriate values and orientations of students, systems of spiritual and moral values, civic identity, the place of spirituality and spiritual culture in the personality structure. The authors substantiate the importance of the image of the Kazan Virgin in solving the problem of spiritual, moral and patriotic education of the population.

Applications: This research can be used for universities, teachers, and students.

Novelty/Originality: In this research, the model of Historical Significance of the Image of the Kazan Virgin in the Education of Spirituality, Morality, and Patriotism is presented in a comprehensive and complete manner.


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