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Liubov Bila-Tiunova
Tetiana Bilous-Osin
Diana Kozachuk
Victoriia Vasylkivska


civil society, participation form, public administration, institutional and legal principles, ocial and economic principles, international standards


Purpose: Determination of possible ways to increase the effectiveness of interaction between civil society institutions and public administration subjects in Ukraine through the use of international experience; determination of a unified concept of management humanization and democratization and proposal of specific recommendations for reforming the existing public administration system in Ukraine.

Methodology: General and specific methods of scientific knowledge were applied during the research: a system analysis method, a dialectical method, a formal-logical method, a structural-functional method, and empirical methods.

Result: The authors concluded that there is poor interaction between the public administration subjects and the civil society institutions in Ukraine. In order to increase the positive effect of introducing new forms of civil participation in public administration, it is important to popularize citizens’ e-participation in public administration. Free access to the electronic reflection of activities of any public administration subject allows simplifying public participation in making specific decisions.

Applications: The results of the research are believed to be interesting and useful for domestic legislators and public administration subjects at actualization of tendencies to administration democratization and humanization.

Novelty/Originality: The results are obtained independently and original (no analogues or incorrect borrowings). The research subject is considered in Ukraine for the first time and seems to be prospective for further development.


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