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Oksana V. Vaganova
Natalya I. Bykanova
Irina L. Mityushina
Al-Saadi Mohanad
Raheem Salim


Digital Economy, Banking Sector, Financial Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Open API, Biometric Identification System


Purpose: The article is devoted to topical issues of strategic development of commercial banks in the context of digitalization of the economy, requiring the introduction of new financial technologies in the financial and credit sphere. The paper describes a number of new digital technologies based on artificial intelligence; open API, biometric identification system, Big Data, Blockchain, cloud technologies, as well as how these technologies are used in the Bank's work with customers.

Methodology: The study of the chosen topic is based on the methods of generalization and comparison, analysis and synthesis, the method of groupings, as well as models of banking management used in practice by modern domestic and foreign banks.

Result: The article analyzes the experience of foreign countries in the use of these technologies in the banking sector and substantiates the need for an early transition of the Russian banking sector to a more innovative model of functioning. In conclusion, the paper identifies opportunities and ways for the further development of digital technologies in the banking sector.

Applications: This research can be used for universities, teachers, and students.

Novelty/Originality: In this research, the model of Introduction of the Latest Digital Technologies in the Banking Sector: Foreign Experience and Russian Practice is presented in a comprehensive and complete manner.


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