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Alexey I. Ovchinnikov
Artur G. Kravchenko
Alexey Yu. Mamychev
Valentina I. Fatkhi


Business, Virtual currency, Analysis, Russia, Economy


Purpose: The purpose of the article is to conduct a scientific analysis of the place of cryptocurrency in the system of objects of civil rights in Russia.

Methodology: This research applies a system of general scientific, special scientific, and special methods of cognition of socio-legal and socio-economic phenomena, including historical-legal, comparative-legal, formal-logical methods, the method of dialectics, the method of system analysis.

Result: Digital information technology has become a global trend in world economic development. This article deals with the study of the current state and prospects of legal regulation of virtual currencies (cryptocurrency) in Russia.

Applications: This research can be used for universities, teachers, and students.

Novelty/Originality: In this research, the model of Virtual currency as an object of civil rights in Russia is presented in a comprehensive and complete manner.


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