Vol. 8 No. 3 (2020): May

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Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews [eISSN 2395-6518] is double-blind peer-reviewed, open access, an online research journal.HSSR aims to publish the most timely research development in the discipline of social science, humanities, language, literature, political science, arts etc. and advocate the free cross-cultural exchange of thoughts across the globe.
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HSSR started in the year 2013 and indexed by Scopus in 2018. At HSSR we promote the cross-border and cross-cultural exchange of thoughts and diversity in team and articles. Articles of GIAP Journals are highly viewed and read across the globe.


Revised publication schedule 2020

Jun 13, 2019

The publication schedule for the articles received in the year 2020 has been updated. Please click here for detail schedule. 

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Jan 31, 2019

Humanities & Social Sciences Reviews is indexed by Scopus Elsevier. 

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Economics & Commerce

May 14, 2020
Ayu Suriawaty Bahkia, Zainudin Awang, Nor Azma Rahlin, Mohamad Zulkifli Abdul Rahim
Statistic: 107
May 14, 2020
Nor Azma Rahlin, Zainudin Awang, Mohamad Zulkifli Abdul Rahim, Ayu Suriawaty Bahkia
Statistic: 55
May 14, 2020
Nor Azma Rahlin, Zainudin Awang, Mohamad Zulkifli Abd Rahim, Ayu Suriawaty Bahkia
Statistic: 22
May 20, 2020
Amrie Firmansyah, Wiwik Utami, Haryono Umar, Susi Dwi Mulyani
Statistic: 17
May 22, 2020
Can Sayginer, Tuncay Ercan
Statistic: 26
May 26, 2020
Alexander Vasyaev, Yulia Ryzhova, Nadiya Stovolos, Lyudmila Belova
Statistic: 37
May 30, 2020
Asen Ayange, Udo Emmanuel Samuel Abner, Ishaku Prince, Victor Ndubuaku
Statistic: 11
May 31, 2020
Philemon Nji Kum, Robertson Khan Tengeh, Chux Gervase Iwu
Statistic: 1
May 31, 2020
Arfan Shahzad, Rohail Hassan, Nor Izani Abdullah, Arsalan Hussain, Muhammad Fareed
Statistic: 11
Jun 1, 2020
Shalendra S. KumarKumar, Shinhyung Kang, Xu Shi. Guo, Zhao Li, Shiu Lingam
Statistic: 3
Jun 1, 2020
Md. Shahadat Hossain, Lee Chin, Rusmawati Said, Suryati Binti Ishak
Statistic: 2
More Articles
Mar 5, 2019
Kanagavalli G., Dr.Seethalakshmi R., Dr.Sowdamini T.
Statistic: 1804
Aug 15, 2013
Pradeep Kumar Dwivedi, Ingita Pandey
Statistic: 1374
Nov 19, 2019
I. L. Beilin, V. V. Khomenko, N. V. Kalenskaya
Statistic: 1010
Oct 4, 2018
Noura Said Al-Jahwari, M. Firdouse Rahman Khan, Ghanya Khamies Al Kalbani, Shima Said Al Khansouri
Statistic: 947
Aug 15, 2013
Sashwat Yogi
Statistic: 813
Sep 29, 2019
Dr. Omar Abdullah Al-Haj Eid
Statistic: 611
Dec 11, 2019
Andrei A. Kolesnikov
Statistic: 599
Mar 19, 2019
Nur Alim, Wa Linda, Fahmi Gunawan, Mohd Shamsuri Md Saad
Statistic: 560
May 6, 2018
Joanna Marie Aguilar-de Borja
Statistic: 548
Jan 11, 2020
Abdul Sattar Abulbaqi Al-Azzawi
Statistic: 537
Oct 18, 2019
Sri Langgeng Ratnasari, Gandhi Sutjahjor, Adam
Statistic: 533
Oct 20, 2019
Rimah Saleh Alyahya
Statistic: 451
Mar 16, 2016
Kristinne Joyce, Chirbet A. Miguel
Statistic: 1720
Aug 15, 2013
Virginia Paul, Priyanka Singh, Sunita B. John
Statistic: 1433
Mar 19, 2019
Carlos Miguel Ferreira, Sandro Serpa
Statistic: 1368
Mar 6, 2016
Chi Hong Leung, Winslet Ting Yan Chan
Statistic: 1123
Mar 16, 2016
Dr Pavan Mandavkar
Statistic: 967
Apr 28, 2019
Abdillah Nugroho
Statistic: 719
Jan 11, 2020
Abdul Sattar Abulbaqi Al-Azzawi
Statistic: 641
Jul 6, 2015
Dr. Shrish Kumar Tiwari
Statistic: 436
Jan 13, 2020
Saifuddin Yunus, Suadi Zainal, Fadli Jalil, Cut Maya Aprita Sari
Statistic: 434
Oct 4, 2018
Noura Said Al-Jahwari, M. Firdouse Rahman Khan, Ghanya Khamies Al Kalbani, Shima Said Al Khansouri
Statistic: 392
Sep 23, 2019
Asaad Alabody, Mohsen Hanif
Statistic: 360
Apr 17, 2018
Jane Chan
Statistic: 350


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