09 Elements of Article Quality Standard (by GIAP)

Need to remember that our motive is to communicate research results in very easy language to the readers. The article is not a place to show the intellect of the researcher. Hence we advise authors to prepare an article in easy language and small sentences. Ultimately readers have to read, understand and cite your work. This article must show some novelty in the area of study. 

1. The title should be short, simple, easy to understand, and should be commonly searchable in Google. 

2. The abstract should be strictly within 300 words and under following subheadings. So that article can be easily followed by readers. Purpose, methodology, main findings, implications, the novelty of the study. If abstract quality not satisfactory, it will be returned for revision.

3. Keywords: 5 to 6 keywords. Take 2 or 3 from the title. Keywords should be commonly Google searchable terms. Don't use big phrases, but keywords. 

4. Minimum 5000 words in article excluding references. 

5. Maximum 5 authors with a clearcut contribution at the end of the article. 

6. Strong, logical and well-written literature review from minimum 10-15 good quality articles, reports, books. 

7. The methodology needs to be clearly understandable by readers. 

8. APA 7th style for in-text citations and references. 

9. Referencing

  • Minimum 30 good quality references required with Crossref DOI. 
  • Website, newspaper references, should be limited to no more than 5.
  • All references should be in APA 7th edition and present inside the main body of the article. Don’t put extra references which are not cited. 
  • All references should be cited inside the article at the proper place in APA 7th style. Youtube video for hyperlinking citations with references https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3Oi0Xhkd8c&t=2s 
  • You are free to add a list of further readings and put add extra references, websites, books etc in that section.