• Randhir Kumar Bengal College Of Engineering & Technology, Durgapur, W.B., India
  • Raju Prajapati University Of Engineering & Management, Kolkata, W.B., India
  • Sudhir Kumar saurav Radharaman Engineering College, Bhopal, M.P., India
Keywords: Wind Velocity, Air Density, Wind Power, Standard Deviation, Monitoring, Prediction Performance, Capacity Factor, etc.


India lost first place in worldwide ranking on total installed wind capacity to china. Due to some issues like, grid issue, unavailability of infrastructure, monitoring wind turbine, offshore wind related R & D activities in the country, etc. This makes attributed to the slower pace to addition of wind power capacity; due to unavailability of on-shore wind sites with sufficiently high wind velocity is expected to take centre stage in the next few years. Low wind velocity makes the investment unattractive to developers. In current situation, monitoring and R & D is an investment option. Which has already seen favourable response in a country like china Germany, Denmark would begins in India. This analyses the present situation of wind energy farm at District Devas, Madhya Pradesh and investigates the possibilities of monitor the wind turbine to enhance the performance. In this paper, wind speed, peak speed, standard deviation, wind power density is to estimated monthly at different altitude. Monitor capacity factor, energy generated through wind turbine, X-chart and R-chart drawn, maintenance and environmental impact have been analyzed.


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