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This paper highlights the metallic, polymeric and ceramic materials used to manufacture the bearings, the kind of failures experienced with those materials and their causes. The failure mechanism of bearings and influence of various elements on their properties are reviewed. It is identified from the study that the failure is mainly provoked by initiating the surface micro crack/flake and then subsequently propagating them to failure. Materials influencing wear resistance to control the material removal rate without much compromising the fracture toughness are discussed. The advanced composite materials used in bearings are also discussed. A review on nano composites is also done to turn out the research on bearing materials towards nano composites. The evolution of MMC, nano-composites is investigated to come to a conclusion on stimulating a research work to make a better material for bearings at room temperature and cryogenic temperature. A suitable polymer material is suggested for carrying out the research at cryogenic temperature for low temperature application of bearings.


Alloys polymers composites failure causes research exposure cryogenics.

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R, S., Rubens, N. J., & Sudhan, H. S. (2015). A REVIEW ON THE MATERIALS USED FOR BEARING AND FAILURE BEHAVIOR. Students’ Research in Technology & Management, 1(4), 431-443. Retrieved from


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