Gyandhara International Academic Publications (popularly known as GIAP Journals) is an Indian digital publisher of research journals, ebooks, and conference proceedings. Our audiences are learned readers, researchers, policymakers, administrators, and educational organizations.

Legal Information: Gyandhara International Academic Publications is registered as an enterprise entity under the Centre Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 by the Government of India, in the state of Maharashtra. (Registration number 27BUYPS3710C2ZB).

Vision: GIAP Journals aims to become the most authentic Indian publisher of the latest academic research.

Mission: To become the most valuable Indian publisher in the domain of humanities & social science, travel & tourism, management & entrepreneurship, and green chemistry & technologies by the year 2023. 

Core Value: Readers First (to publish error-free, authentic and latest scholarly developments in a reader-friendly way)

Quality @GIAP: All publications are checked by iThenticate (Turnitin) and then pass through internal editorial and external peer-review, for strict quality control. 

Transparency @GIAP: GIAP Journals is a strong supporter of open access, transparency, ethics, and integrity in academic publications. As per 2019 data our rejection rate was nearly 35%. To ensure the highest level of transparency in our practices we promise to provide plagiarism check reports, peer review reports, author-editor communication records, language reports, etc to Universities and other authorities on demand.

Geodiversity @GIAP: GIAP encourages international and intercultural team building and dialogues. That is reflected in the team of editors, reviewers, and authors in our various journals.

Academic Integrity @GIAP: Journals/book advisors and editors work independently form GIAP Management but committed to the vision, mission, and core values of the company.

GIAP Management

* Founder CEO: Mrs. Rajni Dwivedi, MBA, Kanpur University, India

* Chief Technical Officer: Mr. Kautilya Sharma, BTech, NMIMS University, Mumbai, India

* Chief Financial Officer & Legal Advisor: Mr. Jay Brat Dwivedi, LLM, University of Allahabad, India

Honorary Academic Advisors

Chief Editors of all GIAP Journals are Ex-Officio members of the Advisory board.

* Dr. Siti Suriani Othman (HSSR)

* Dr. Firdouse Rahman Khan (IJMIER, IJTHR)

* Dr. D V Prabhu, (GCTL)

* Dr. Shailja Shukla (IJSRTM)