Purpose: This study aims to unravel the concept of da’wahecology (preaching) in contemporary Indonesia regarding the Moslem activity and its social change.

Methodology: This is a qualitative research where the data was obtained from documentation, observation, and interview. Participants of the study were from the North coast community in Central Java.

Findings: Da'wah activities had been part of people's life as a regular basis is still monotonous without any new approaching in its implementation. This problem causes that da'wah do not have much effect on changing the Moslem's behavior. Moreover, the activity of da'wah activities did not have an ecological interaction in the community.

Implications: The result of the study can be practiced to developing the quality of da’wah which directly affects solving social problems. Furthermore, this research educating the preacher and people to contribute in solve da’wa problem in the community.

Novelty: This research has focused on the concept of da’wahecology as a new approaching.