Dear Researchers, Greetings from HSSR 

We are sad to inform you that Scopus has de-indexed all articles of the year 2020, that were earlier indexed by them. HSSR has always worked professionally and ethically. 

When the authors contacted the Scopus team, their reply is not satisfactory. We already informed them that they are free to delist HSSR. But don't de-index published content of 2020. It is highly unethical for Scopus to remove content that they themself valued and indexed. 

Your career, Ph.D., promotion, etc are depending on this publication. I advise authors to register a strong protest to Scopus for the de-indexing of published content of 2020. 

The last time Scopus crawled our content on 7 September 2020 and indexed previously published articles.  We received delisting news on 5th October 2020. And in that email, there was no information about how much content they will de-index. Now as we have learned from authors that they removed all 2020 published and indexed content. 

In this regard, GIAP wants to put forward the following points for your reference:

GIAP Journals do not know the reason why Scopus de-indexed previously indexed articles of the year 2020 and we can not reply to your emails in this regard.

GIAP and HSSR team has completed the work professionally and get your articles indexed in Scopus and our duty was completed. Now in the current situation of de-indexing, I wish to inform you that NO REFUND is possible for completed jobs. HSSR never guarantees that the published articles will remain indexed in Scopus for an infinite period of time. It depends on the Scopus indexing status of the journal. No dispute will be entertained in this regard. 

The last time Scopus crawled our content on 7 September 2020. Though we never gave a guarantee of Scopus indexing, GIAP management has decided that we will refund 70% of publication fees as soon as possible.

We are deeply sorry for your financial loss and setback to your research publication progress. 

Warm Regards

Mrs. Rajni Dwivedi

CEO, GIAP Journals, India