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International Journal of Tourism & Hospitality Reviews [eISSN 2395-7654]  is an internationally refereed, peer-reviewed, open access, research journal. IJTHR aims to publish original research, reviews, case studies in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry, related research domains. Journal also encourages cross country, cross disciplines work as well as new and experimental forms of research, replication studies, and failed and negative results as well. 

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Robotic technology & AI to revitalize the hotel experience: While robots and artificial intelligence were “cool concepts” for the future, COVID-19 flipped the industry upside down and has forced a new conversation about the hotel staff and guest safety. The hotel experience with personalized, human connection will never become obsolete, but robotic tech can change the game for the better. Written by David Millili, CEO of Angie Hospitality originally published by Travel Pulse

Technology’s Impact on the Future of Travel Post COVID-19: For the travel industry, the innovation of new touchless technologies to compensate for social distancing requirements and accommodate pandemic-era hygiene considerations has been essential just to remain in business. Written by Laurie Barati & originally published by Travel Pulse

UNWTO reveals stuttering tourism recovery: The devastating impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on global tourism has carried on into 2021, with new data showing an 87 percent fall in international tourist arrivals in January as compared to 2020. Originally published by Breaking Travel News

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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2021)

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